Hello, new life!


Stay focused. Identify where your time and energy are being wasted. How do you deal with distractions and the associated guilt – or perhaps even with your frustration? Where are you focusing your attention and how do you manage to stay on track? What kind of environment is good for you?


What are your strengths and weaknesses? Which skills do you have? What attracted you to the University of Wuppertal? Gain confidence and trust. Build your independence.


Things don’t always go the way you wanted them to, and your plans change from time to time. How do you deal with setbacks? How do you get up again after you have taken a fall? How do you deal with challenges?


Who do you spend your time with? Who is good for you? Who is valuable to you during your studies, and beyond? How do you plan your professional life in the long term? Who can you help and who do you want to help? Leave your own comfort zone, organize support, and build networks.

Presentation skills

… and a confident appearance. How do you present yourself? How do you want to present yourself? How do you accomplish this? How do you remain level-headed in difficult situations? What is your body language like? How do you reduce stress before presentations and exams? What is the best way to prepare yourself? Surviving stage fright and appearing more relaxed and self-confident is your goal. Radiate confidence and competence.


… and time management. How do you organize yourself and your day? How do you make the most of your day? What are your priorities and how do you implement them? What is important to you? How do you get a good overall picture of what needs to be done and what is important to you? Are to-do lists useful to you or not? Find your daily structure, your routines, and your own processes.

Your Coach - Oliver Grüter

“I support young people from all over the world in getting started and moving forward - whether in a new environment or in the transition to university or work. I have been doing this for over 20 years, with a lot of passion and positive energy. You can expect an extremely high practical orientation in the workshops and a lot of empathy and know-how in the coaching. Flow is a very special project for me and I want to help you get off to a damn good start here and be part of a really cool community. Arrive well, grow and take off!”

Oliver Grüter - Coach in den Studenten-Apartments von flow Wuppertal

Our offer for you

One-to-one Coaching

1:1 with Oliver (approx. 50 minutes) every month (duration: 6 months)

Group Workshops

One topic in a group workshop (3 - 4 hours) every month (duration: 6 months)

Exclusive Community

You are part of an exclusive community in flow

Personality development

You invest in yourself, in your personality and in your start into a new life


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