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You’re in the mood for casual and modern furnishings?

You are looking forward to your first own flat, where you want to live the way you have always wanted to? You’ll get a fully furnished room and a fully equipped communal area in your student flat-share in Wuppertal. Plus a kitchen with dishwasher and fridge. There are many common areas in the building, such as a seminar and study room.

*Decoration and plants are not included in the rooms*.

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Choose your Housing Package

411 €
  • Furnished room
  • Service charges included
  • Electricity included
  • Access to common areas
  • High-Speed Internet
    (1.000 Mbit/s fibre optic)
499 €

same as Reduced package plus …

  • Furnished room
  • Service charges included
  • Electricity included
  • Access to common areas
  • High-Speed Internet
    (1.000 Mbit/s fibre optic)
  • Multimedia Package with IPTV
  • Access to common rooms, study rooms and communal kitchen
  • Shared kitchen fully equipped with utensils
  • Printer service
  • Cleaning of the communal areas in 4-person shared flats included
  • In-house app (keyless go, digital payment, digital parcel station, laundry service)
  • Free use of parking spaces (if free)

Overview of your Choices

xxx €

To get one step closer to your student room,
you need to upload all the necessary documents digitally.


PLEASE NOTE: Keep these documents handy and you’re ready to go.

    • Identity card or passport
    • Proof of salary or BAföG certificate


    • Self-disclosure
    • Certificate of enrolment or proof of education


Foreign students need

  • Residence permit
  • Proof of a blocked bank account

Still have questions about booking your flat? Then don’t hesitate to contact us. You can reach us weekdays between 09:00 and 17:00 at +49 (0)221 9979 0580 or by e-mail at and you can look forward to detailed answers in the course of a personal consultation.

Flexible housing in Wuppertal

You want to study or start your first job, and tackle real life in your own apartment?

But you don’t want to live alone, and you don’t want to spend a lot of money on furnishings? Then you are in perfect company! There are many other students and internationals who are looking for a furnished shared apartment near or in Wuppertal. Simply start your own shared student apartment or move into an existing one!

With us, you benefit from great flexibility. You can create your own shared apartment and expand it if you want to make it bigger. And if you want to move out of your student apartment or into a loft apartment? Then just do it – and do it with us! To make sure that you will get along with the other residents, we will of course consider the wishes of the apartment-sharing candidates and the preferences of your fellow residents.

Fully furnished room with common areas

If you opt for a shared student apartment with us, you will have everything you need right at your fingertips!

You don’t have to worry about anything in advance, and you don’t need to bring anything with you, except for your toothbrush and bed linen. Everything else is ready for you in a fully equipped room and a kitchen (including a dishwasher). You are always welcome in our common rooms and in our study and seminar rooms! For internationals, it is important to note that you can easily book remotely and that the visit is optional.

As you can see, your life in a shared apartment could barely get off to a better start! This will also be a great relief for your parents, who – quite naturally – are concerned about their children and want to accommodate them in a decent environment. Sleepless nights due to countless questions about housing, flatmates and other issues won’t be a problem.

Sustainability is more than just a buzzword for you? That’s perfect because we offer:

  • A sustainable overall concept
  • The latest environmental standards
  • One renovated building and two new buildings
  • Shared use of kitchen and bathroom
  • Ecological benefits thanks to reduced rent
  • Digital renting (no paper necessary)
  • Waste separation

Also for trainees

Living in a shared apartment – also for trainees

You are writing your thesis or doing an internship near Wuppertal? At the same time, you are enrolled at a German college or university such as the University of Wuppertal? If so, you are welcome to apply here and start living in your fully furnished apartment soon! Young professionals are equally welcome here. Apply for a shared apartment room now!

Frequently asked questions

How can I choose and rent a room?!

Go to Rent a Room to choose your room. From there, you can easily navigate through the rental process digitally. You don't even need to show up in person. Of course, you are always welcome to take a look around before renting. Just arrange a visit with us. Take a look at our sample shared apartment in the virtual tour!

Can I share a room with friends?!

Basically, we are happy to allow you to move in with your friends. Contact us to see if we can make this happen for you.

Can I only rent a room as a student?

No. No matter if you are studying, writing your thesis, or doing an internship near Wuppertal – if you are also enrolled at a German college or university like the University of Wuppertal, you can rent an apartment with us.

Is there a minimum rental period?

The rental period is one semester or 6 months. If you need a room for a shorter period of time, we can check for you if this is possible.

What categories are there and how do they vary from each other?

We offer the categories Reduced, Standard and Prime. Here you can find more information about the equipment.  


you need more information or want to get in touch with us?

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