Life in a student apartment – always on top of things with the Flow Community

We think it’s important that you get along well with your fellow residents.

The common room and the roof terraces are a good setting for this. With these common areas, we try to offer you the best possible environment in which you can grow and have fun.

After all, you should not only study, but also make friends and enjoy life. It doesn’t matter if you study at the University of Wuppertal or near Wuppertal. No matter where you come from, who you are or what you look like, we welcome all students – national and international – as well as interns and trainees!

Your apartment in the student dormitory with common areas

You may want your own room in a shared apartment, but you don’t want to shut yourself in there and live like a hermit?

Then you will enjoy the common areas, which are a great additional feature of your student apartment! Apart from the laundry room, where you can do your laundry, a fully equipped kitchen awaits in the common room.

Here you can cook and eat together, have a drink and exciting conversations. You can watch sports events in the large multimedia corner with its XXL flat screen. You can also upload and download files for university and take part in lectures if you have to attend distance learning classes.

Living, learning, and having fun together in a student dormitory

If you have an exam coming up at university, you can prepare for it without interruption in the study room, which itself comes with internet access.

Meanwhile, the seminar room offers ideal conditions for interactive learning and for discussing and internalizing various topics. If you like a spectacular view of the whole of Wuppertal, there are two roof terraces available. Finally, you can use the bicycle room with covered parking spaces for your bicycle.

Stay flexible in an affordable apartment

Stay flexible, save money, and avoid stress:

A shared room here with us offers exactly that! The 6-month intervals allow an easy new start if you want to move into another shared apartment. You don't have to worry about the furniture or the kitchen and you act ecologically sensible by sharing a kitchen and a bathroom. Plus, you don't have to go through the nerve-racking search for a new apartment.

Coach, Flow Team and App for optimal support in your home

The first steps in life are exciting and sometimes difficult at the same time.

We support you comprehensively as a community and stand by your side with our coach and Flow Team. You will find the office of our property management in house 2, 6th floor. Our expertise and experience help you prevent possible conflicts in advance. But even so, we take care of all your needs, give you recommendations for your free time and ensure the smooth running of your shared-apartment life – be it to tell us what you would like to have or if something just broke that urgently needs to be repaired, our team will be happy to help. The best way to do this is to use the tenant app where you can also download documents such as the certificate of residence. It also conveniently opens the main entrance and the doors to the common areas at your convenience.

You will have to take care of the cleanliness in your student room yourself, but we regularly clean the common areas in the 4-person shared apartments.

Professional Coaching

Starting your new life with expert support

You are excited about your furnished room in your very first apartment, but you still may feel a little nervous about taking the first step into your new life? Many people are like that. You are looking forward to your furnished room in your first own apartment, but you have a lot of respect for the first step into your new life? Many people are like that. Of course, we don’t leave you alone and are there to help you with words and deeds: our property management is represented with an office directly in the dormitory.

Urban Gardening

Plants and flowers: DIY in the community garden

Got a green thumb and want to live it out in your dorm? Then create your own green area in the community garden where you can express yourself. Here you can plant and grow your own plants as you see fit. Feel free to contact us and we will have a look at what can be implemented together with you. Urban Gardening in Downtown Wuppertal!


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